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October 4, 2015


The Artist of French Cooking
Cairo Review

Alain Passard is considered the best French chef in the world. He muses on his kitchen adventures, the splendor of vegetables, and the impact of globalization on cuisine à la française. Read More

On the State of Nature
Graham Harman

Hobbes saw life as nasty and brutish, while Rousseau argued humans lack inherent differences in power and strength. A better framework for understanding division in modern politics: Truth Politics versus Power Politics. Read More

Putin the Spoiler
Lilia Shevtsova

With his undeclared war on Ukraine, the Russian president destroyed the post-Cold War system of mutual security commitments. In a quest to sustain his power, “Mr. Nobody” has released forces that he cannot contain. Read More

Insights from the Kouachi Brothers’ Crimes and Lives
Rami G. Khouri

The lives, attitudes and actions of the Kouachi brothers reflect many other elements beyond freedom and blasphemy. It is time to get more serious about the real drivers of tension and violence that plague the multinational, transcontinental universe in which the Kouachi brothers lived. Read More

The Nature of Cities
Ian Douglas

The modern metropolis is vulnerable to all sorts of sudden and gradual threats, from hurricanes and earthquakes to the consequences of global warming. To cope, society must be resilient and the city managed well. Be prepared! Here’s an Urban Dweller’s Guide to the Elements. Read More

Policy Makers Versus People
Netra Chhetri , Gary M. Grossman

Conventional wisdom says that the issue of climate change is too complex and technical for ordinary people to grasp but a project called World Wide Views on Global Warming brought together four thousand citizens in thirty-eight countries who demonstrated a keen ability to debate the topic and make policy recommendationsRead More

Spanish Lessons
Leslie Croxford

History does not repeat itself but it teaches lessons. As Egypt moves from autocracy, it can learn from the way in which Spain made its own transición in the 1970s from the dictatorship of General Franco to the liberal democracy of his appointed successor, King Juan Carlos. Read More

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