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  • Open A.I.R. Session: "Outputs and Way Forward"Open A.I.R. session at the fourth annual workshop with A2K4D, discussing outputs and the way forward, Cairo, July 2014
  • Mobilization for Change Project MeetingMembers from the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University and the A2K4D team discusses the "Mobilization for Change: The Role of the Networked Public Sphere in Advancing Civic Participation and Collective Action in the Arab Region" project at the fourth annual workshop, July 2014
  • Yale Law School Information Society Project (ISP) Meeting with A2K4D teamMembers of Yale Law School Information Society Project (ISP) discussing collaborative work with A2K4D team at the center's fourth annual workshop, Cairo, July 2014
  • Joseph Stiglitz at AUC Tahrir Square"Creating a Learning Society: An Agenda for Dynamic Societies in Uncertain Times
," a lecture delivered by Nobel laureate and prominent economist Professor Joseph Stiglitz, A2K4D guest, AUC Tahrir Square, January 2011
  • Doha Debates: This House Believes for the Sake of Democracy Egypt Should Postpone ElectionsFrom left: Speaking for the motion were women’s rights campaigner Marwa Sharafeldin, pro-democracy activist Shaheer George, moderator Tim Sebastian, then speaking against the motion were Sherif Taher, a politician and member of Al Wafd Party, and Essam El Erian, senior spokesperson for the Muslim Brotherhood. Debate held at AUC Tahrir Square, March 2011
  • Madiha El-Safty, affiliate professor of sociology at AUC, among audience attending A2K4D workshop, June 2011
  • A2K4D Second Annual Workshop: Access to Knowledge, Democratizing Technologies and DevelopmentAUC Tahrir Square, June 2011
  • Towards an Open Source Strategy for EgyptTowards an Open Source Strategy for Egypt, Arab Digital Expression Foundation (ADEF) and A2K4D, AUC Tahrir Square, May 2011
  • Nagla Rizk at Harvard Law SchoolSymposium at Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA, December 2012
  • Access to Knowledge Global Academy (A2KGA) meeting at the Third Global Congress on Public InterestThird Global Congress on IP and the Public Interest, Cape Town, South Africa
What is A2K4D   

Access to knowledge, or A2K, refers to the right to receive, but also to participate in the creation, manipulation and extension of information, tools, inventions, literature, scholarship, art, popular media and other expressions of human inquiry and understanding. 
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